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If the Voice of Arnold From Hey Arnold! Asked to Make Out, I’d Be Like ‘I Guess’

Move it football head
Move it football head

Look, Lane Toran — the guy who used to be the voice of Arnold on the seminal ’90s Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold! — is definitely a fuccboi. He has tattoos, takes ridiculous selfies of his bedroom eyes and boasts a beard that screams “Sorry, I can’t go down on you.” But if he asked you to make out? You would begrudgingly agree, because he is hot, and also it would keep him from talking.

Even if he ended up annoying you with his obnoxious Instagram captions — “The most beautiful curve on a woman is her smile!” — he has a posse of friends who look exactly like him, so you’ll always have a Justin Bobby knockoff to date.

The Voice of Arnold From Hey Arnold! Is Hot Now