I Bet I Can Guess Who Bought Penelope Disick This ‘What Would North Do?’ T-Shirt

Hm Photo: AKM-GSI /AKM Images / GSI Media

Penelope Disick may only be three years old, but indoctrination into the church of North West happens without warning or permission. Though tiny Penelope and her best friend regularly appear to be having a grand ole time together, clearly someone thought that the lines needed to be drawn early as to who is the star and who will forevermore be the sidekick. That’s just how these things go.

Remember, before you blame North, there’s no chance that little munchkin has the tiny baby credit card and tiny baby laptop with which to order such a shirt online for her tiny baby friend. No. If we had to make one guess about who exactly bought this T-shirt for Penelope — well, shouldn’t it be obvious?

Hmm, Who Bought Penelope Disick This T-Shirt?