Quiz: How Much Should You Spend on Your Next Party?

'Tis the season!
’Tis the season! Photo: © Corbis. All Rights Reserved.

A weeklong series on the art of entertaining, for women who are too busy for Pinterest.

Hosting a holiday party can be stressful enough without trying to calculate how much the whole thing is going to cost. So we’ve done the math for you with the help of a few experts: Russ Cantwell, sales associate at Park Avenue Liquor Shop; Seri Kertzner and Michelle Bachman, co-owners of Little Miss Party; Mike Fisher, manager of Astoria Bier and Cheese Broadway; and Jessica Boskoff, CEO and owner of event-planning company Twenty Three Layers.

Use this party-price calculator to find out roughly how much you’ll spend, depending on your vibe. Cocktails with your work crew? A fancy dinner for your closest friends? It’s all here, scaled to your preferred level of intoxication.

Party MathFind out how much you’ll spend on your next holiday party.
  • Set the scene.

  • Choose your booze.

  • How drunk are your revelers?

  • Eat up.

  • Top it off with dessert.

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Quiz: How Much Should You Spend on Your Party?