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Hot Gorilla Will Star in First Film

Hey, baby
Hey, baby Photo: Adobe Creative Station

It seems like it was many moons ago when we were last thinking of throwing it all away in order to get a chance with a sexy gorilla, and if we’re being frank, for a long time we wished we could forget this embarrassing error in judgment. But once a sexy gorilla, always a sexy gorilla — and now we’re back where we started, anticipating the hot primate’s first appearance on the silver screen. That’s right: Shabani the hot gorilla will soon star in his first feature film.

Nagoya’s Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden, the zoo in which Shabani lives and makes women swoon, will be releasing a DVD of sizzling gorilla footage, available for purchase in Japan but sure to be bootlegged the world over. The straight-to-DVD film is a good career-starter for the gorilla, but it’s not entirely a solo project: It also features Shabani’s children and not one, but two female mates.

We’re not jealous.

Hot Gorilla Will Star in First Film