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How to Look Better in One Minute

Beauty editors and makeup artists often say blush is the stiletto of beauty products — it makes everyone look good. When applied correctly, blush can instantly make you look fresher, more vibrant, and just plain better. I was an unbeliever until the celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo offered a demonstration. For this next series of GIFs, the CK One Cosmetics global color ambassador, who’s worked with nearly every Victoria’s Secret angel (among other famous faces), demonstrates how to apply cream blush correctly.

Step 1: Start by choosing a rosy cream blush. Shades with a slight bit of pink are most natural, since they mimic the tones found in the skin when there is a slight flush. In this case, Vanngo is using CK One Cream and Powder Duo in Grace. Starting from the middle of your cheekbone, take your finger and dot out a slanted line, toward your ear. This also creates a naturally slimming effect.

Step 2: The key to making cream blush look natural is a lot, a lot of blending. The next few steps are all blending. Start to gently pat and blend the line down.

Step 3: Use your forefinger to pat and blend in a circular downward direction, moving along the cheekbones.

Step 4: Slightly disperse and blend the cheek color up toward the temple of the cheek, as this avoids any harsh blush demarcation lines when you smile.

Step 5: Blend a tiny bit along the high point of the cheekbone. Note that along these steps, Vanngo didn’t stop to apply more color — that’s right, he spent four steps continuing to blend the color.

Step 6: The natural, flushed look.

How to Look Better in One Minute