Stoya Accused Her Ex James Deen of Rape; Deen Responds

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg

Porn actress, writer, and director Stoya accused James Deen of rape in a series of tweets Saturday afternoon. The two dated in 2013 and split the following year. It’s not clear exactly when they broke up nor when the alleged rape occurred.

Another one of his ex-girlfriends tweeted her support to Stoya.

Stoya is the co-owner of TrenchcoatX, a site for “curated smut”; the latest update to the site is a porno featuring Deen. He’s appeared in one other pornos on the site.

The Frisky has suspended its “What Would James Deen Do?” advice column, according to the site’s editor-in-chief.

Updated: James Deen responded on Sunday evening via Twitter.

And another woman has accused Deen of rape.

Stoya Accused Ex James Deen of Rape; He Responds