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$2,000 Seems Like Kind of a Lot of Money for a Selfie With Justin Bieber

Cha-ching Photo: 247PAPS/Splash News/www.splashnews.com

If you would do me the favor, imagine for a second the number of likes you’d get on an Instagram pic of your smiling face right next to Justin Bieber’s. Think you’d get 50? A hundred? Would your high-school best friends come out of the woodwork to push that thing over the edge into the 200-, even 300-likes bracket? The real question: Would you be willing to pay $2,000 for the privilege and the praise? Skrrt — hold up. Two thousand bones for one pic? I’m broke, dog!

Bieber’s fourth album Purpose dropped last week, and the accompanying tour dates were dutifully announced. If there was ever a fear in your mind that our guy could be in financial peril, unable to purchase the home that he needs, please don’t worry. In a list of several different VIP packages one can purchase in advance of the tour, the most ultra-special-deluxe one is the appropriately titled Ultimate #Purpose Experience, which includes a selfie with Bieber, a backstage tour, and a digital download of Purpose. You got $2,000 you feel like parting with? Here are all the goodies that could soon be yours:

. 1 #GetCloser seat in a barricaded section at the end of the stage runway (You’ll be the closest to Justin!) 
. 1 selfie during your meet & greet with Justin before the show 
. A tour of backstage: find out what happens behind-the-scenes and what it takes to create a world tour 
. 1 premium merch package created exclusively for Ultimate #Purpose fans 
. 1 official tour plaque — a limited edition memorabilia made and engraved just for you 
. Access to the pre-show hospitality lounge immediately after your meet & greet 
. Early entry into the venue 
. On-Site VIP hosts 
. Exclusive #GetClosertoJustin Laminate 
. 1 digital download of Justin Bieber’s album “Purpose” 

Imagine the poor sucker who purchases this deal. (Please stay tuned for my forthcoming Kickstarter.)

$2,000 Seems Pricey for a Selfie With Bieber