oh canada!

Look, It’s the Justin Trudeau Sweater of Your Erotic Dreams

Every time I have an erotic dream about Justin Trudeau, I think to myself, “By god, I wish I could share these visions with my friends and loved ones,” because my descriptions, while magical, do not do them justice.

A Canadian company, Shelfies, has heard my cries (well, really, all of ours) and brought that erotica to life with the “The Dreamy Trudeau Sweater,” a high-quality piece of knitwear featuring the Prime Minister of Hunk [Canada] astride a steed, set against the backdrop of a mystical moor. It’s like he rode straight out my libidinous Brontë fanfic and onto a comfortable garment.

The $45 price tag seems like a lot of drinking dollars, but it’s worth it, in my opinion, to clearly broadcast my lack of chill when it comes to Justin Trudeau-my-god-he’s-fine (and a feminist).

And apparently I’m not the only one: This sweater has already sold out.

Look, the Justin Trudeau Sweater of Your Dreams