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You Can Buy a Manhattan Condo Before You Can Afford Kanye’s Barber

Kanye West, a god.
Kanye West, a god. Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The head of Kanye West is filled with majestic wonders and must be treated as such. That’s why, according to Rihanna’s dad, Ronald Fenty, Kanye pays his barber $500 every day to trim his manly mane. Ronald told Heat magazine that he discovered this nugget of information while Rihanna and Kanye toured together several years ago. At a $500 a day rate, it costs $182,500 a year or $1,520 per square inch to keep Kanye’s hair slightly north of LL Cool J’s length. Here’s a Tribeca condo that just went on the market for $18.52 per square inch. It costs nearly $1,500 more to cut Kanye’s hair than to purchase a luxury Manhattan home.

Kanye’s Barber Costs More Than a Manhattan Condo