Study Confirms That Cooking for One Means Heating Pizza for One

Sustenance for singles.
Sustenance for singles. Photo: Olga Utlyakova/Getty Images

Living alone has its perks, like being able to shower whenever you want, stocking the DVR with only the shows you like, and eating cereal for dinner without judgment. But about that last bit: Australian researchers say that living sans roommates or partners is terrible for your diet.

For an analysis published in the journal Nutrition Reviews, researchers at Queensland University of Technology looked at 41 studies and found that, compared to people who live with others, bachelors and bachelorettes ate fewer fruits, vegetables, and fish and had lower food diversity overall. Unsurprisingly, men living alone were more likely than women to have unhealthy diets. Katherine Hanna, Ph.D., said in a release that people who live alone may lack motivation to shop for groceries or cook (or lack cooking skills altogether) and that often leads them to prepare “simple or ready-made meals lacking key nutrients.” Pizza, she means pizza.

Study: Cooking for One Is Heating Pizza for One