London Woman Handed Fat-Shaming Card on Train; Can We Abandon Earth Now?

The tube
The tube Photo: Dan Dunkley/Getty Images

The world is full of delight, love, surprise, excitement — and of course, hateful trolls intent on making the lives of well-meaning people everywhere miserable with no cause or reason. While riding the tube in London on Monday, a young woman named Kara Florish reports that she was handed a card with the word “Fat” scrawled across the front and a long screed against “fat, ugly humans” on the back. Nice.

Claiming to be from “Overweight Haters, LTD” the card begins with this charming sentiment: “Our organisation hates and resents fat people. We object to the enormous amount of food resources you consume while half the world starves.”

Photo: Slimg

Florish took to Facebook and Twitter to say she hopes that people tweet, post, and share the card all over the internet, as she refuses to be fat-shamed by some loser with a free hand. She tweeted that the card “is hateful + cowardly + could potentially upset people struggling with confidence.”

Another Twitter user reported having seen a woman crying after a similar card was handed to her by a young man. Surely these monsters have something better to do.

London Woman Handed Fat-Shaming Card on Train