Stare Into the Lifeless Eyes of the Politician’s Campaign Spousal Prop

Being married to a politician is not a life that particularly beckons, except perhaps to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Imagine having to shake hands and stand next to your husband or wife as they feed the great American political machine. You get all of the scrutiny and none of the power. Represent Us, a nonpartisan committee dedicated to pushing through anti-corruption laws in politics, has rolled out a video that lampoons the classic narrative of the candidate’s spouse. Their lifeless eyes, oh god.

“I’m not behind a podium or out speaking with real people, because as a prop I’m best positioned in the home, where I can conform to gender norms and exhibit aspirational family values.” And if you think this joke is best represented in the milder and meeker of the political candidate’s spouses, have you heard about Jane Sanders lately?

Look Into the Dead Eyes of a Politician’s Spouse