Prosthetic Man-Buns, for the Man Who Wants More

Photo: Groupon

According to Google Beauty trends, “How to grow a man-bun” is still a dominant search query. But for some men, the dream of a lush man-bun is out of reach. Maybe their corporate culture won’t allow it, maybe they can only commit to a cool hairstyle for part of the time, or maybe, try as they might, their man-bun remains the equivalent of a pubescent mustache. (See: man-bun sprout, below.)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s man-bun sprout became a full man-bun. Photo: Chroma Press/Corbis

Whatever the obstacle, Groupon has the fix. Right now, the company is offering a clip-on man-bun in two shades: “not quite natural” brunette and “maybe taken from a toy doll” blond. Yes, it resembles the bun of a Victorian schoolmarm or something that was ripped from the head of Ichabod Crane, but it’s incredibly easy to use — just pin it on to preexisting hair, and bam, normal guy becomes “Jared Leto’s less genetically blessed cousin.”

How much are these man-bun merkins, you ask? Surprisingly, not hundreds of dollars. It’s only $9.99 for the hair, and with it, safe entry into Father John Misty concerts in Brooklyn, Oakland, Echo Park, or Stockholm.