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8 GIFs of Missy Elliott Teaching You Fools About Beauty

Missy Elliott.
Missy Elliott. Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Yesterday, Missy Elliott released her first music video in almost a decade and the Internet went berserk. Within seconds, everyone was reminded that Missy is the queen of forcing you to get off of your butt and dance, or at the very least, shake your shoulders in a rhythmic fashion. Something everyone else everyone noticed? Her makeup. After all, bad bitch makeup is Missy’s wheelhouse, too. So in the spirit of celebrating all things Missy, here’s a brief history of her best video beauty looks.

1. The Human Disco Ball: Care of Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2052. (“WTF Where You From.”)

2. The Literally Nothing But My Lips Are Showing: But they look amazing. (“The Rain.”)

3. The Nude Frosty Lip: Because your lyrics are ice cold. (“One Minute Man.”)

4. The Queen Bee: Sorry Beyoncé. (“Work It.”)

5. The Uranium Eye: When you’re so hot that you’re basically nuclear. (“Sock It 2 Me.”)

6. The Smurf Lip: Haha, made you do it! (“Ching-A-Ling.”)

7. The Latisse Lash: To bat your eyes at your haters. (“I’m Really Hot.”)

8. The Grace Jones: A bad bitch recognizes a bad bitch. (“Lose Control.”)

Missy Elliott Will School You Fools on Beauty