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Why Is This Random European Dude Talking to Me at 7 a.m.?

“Hello beautiful” Photo: 13/

Day breaks. The sun cracks over the horizon. Light streams into your room as the love-filled voice of a French man rouses you from sleep. “You look so beautiful in the morning,” he says. Wait a second … who IS this creep?

It’s the Morning Man Alarm Clock, a new iPhone app that you can program to wake you up in the charmingly accented voices of different European men. “Open your eyes,” a random British guy creepily demands. “Hi, I’m your alarm today,” a goofy Scotsman offers. “I dreamed of you last night,” a French guy says (in French).

THE MORNING MAN® ALARM CLOCK APP from Grace Huang on Vimeo.

The Morning Man: It’s like taking a whirlwind trip through your ill-fated study-abroad romances, without ever getting out of bed.

New App Will Wake You Up With French Guy’s Voice