Olivier Rousteing Calls Himself ‘a Machine’

Kendall Jenner and Olivier Rousteing
Kendall Jenner and Olivier Rousteing Photo: Kacper Kasprzyk/Vogue

Even though he just turned 30, Olivier Rousteing is still a Toys ‘R’ Us kid. In a profile for the December issue of Vogue, the Balmain designer admits that the kid-friendly megachain is one of his New York hangouts, along with more celebrity-heavy spots like Odeon and the Diamond Horseshoe. “Something interesting is happening in America — it’s about mixing and diversity; it’s about confidence,” the designer tells Lynn Yaeger during a whirlwind tour of the city prior to his Balmain x H&M opening — pausing to snap selfies with fans all the way, of course. “No matter who you are, be yourself — America will love you for that!”

Olivier Rousteing Photo: Olivier Rousteing

Rousteing is also a big fan of the American attitude toward success. “I am like a machine — I want to make money!” he says. “In New York, it’s a compliment to make money; in France, they think you’re commercial and cheap.”

As for his much-discussed celebrity posse, which has grown to include Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and numerous models, he insists they’re real. “Those are my friends! They are!” he says, adding, “Being popular is cool, being generous is cool — I love generosity! I plan to be proud and satisfied. I was the Balmain baby. Now, Balmain is my baby.”

Vogue’s December cover
Olivier Rousteing Calls Himself ‘a Machine’