Quiz: Is It a Salad?

Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Corbis

With so many different foods to choose from these days, sometimes it can be hard to figure out if what you’re currently eating is a salad. Is quinoa a salad? Is it a salad if it mostly consists of extra-large cheesy croutons? Is a Chipotle burrito bowl a salad? Take our handy quiz to determine if what you’re eating counts as a salad.

Is It a Salad?Check off all the ingredients included in your meal.
So, is it a salad?

It’s a salad!At least one of the ingredients in your meal is a fruit, vegetable, or fruit/vegetable-like object. That means whatever you’re eating is basically a salad. Wow, you’re so healthy these days.

It’s not a salad!Which means it probably tastes amazing. Good choice.

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