Rolling With Makeup Artists at the Halloween Parade

Scenes aboard the M.A.C float the Halloween parade. Photo: Dina Litovsky

Saturday’s Halloween parade was the 42nd one to be held in New York City, but it was the first time M.A.C Cosmetics organized a float. For the makeup brand, Halloween is like Christmas, so they didn’t skimp on the details. Thirty-three M.A.C makeup artists along with photographer Dina Litovsky climbed aboard for a three-hour ride down Sixth Avenue.

Litovsky captured a bird’s eye view of the legendary parade and the getting-ready process for the M.A.C team. How does a makeup brand, which can capture any look, do Halloween? Click through the slideshow for rainbow face stripes, pink hair, plastic straw headpieces, enraptured onlookers, and a little bit of Hillary Clinton.

Rolling With Makeup Artists on Halloween