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This Pretty Slug Is All, ‘Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful’

Look at me
Look at me Photo: Sylke Rohrlach/Wikipedia

Slugs are not typically the hottest creatures in the animal kingdom: They are gummy and gross and release an unpleasant secretion as they slide about in hot suburban parking lots. But not all slugs are created aesthetically equal: A so-called “blue dragon” sea slug was discovered and photographed off the coast of Queensland, Australia, recently, and boy, is it pretty-looking.

The blue dragon is rarely seen by humans, but sometimes a little baby slug just wants to flaunt for a second. Can she live? The blue dragon is usually only an inch when it’s fully grown, but it’s nothing to be messed with: Its sting can take down even the deadliest of marine creatures, like Portuguese man-o-wars.

That’s what they meant by pretty hurts, right?

Slug: ‘Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful’