Get an Early Look at the Jewelry for Tonight’s Victoria’s Secret Show

Photo: Courtesy of Eddie Borgo

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid may have only found out they’d walk this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show two weeks ago, but the model-stressinghigh-security Super Bowl of fashion has been in the works for ages — right down to the models’ jewelry.

This time around, the show’s styling mastermind, Sophia Neophitou, decided each of the show’s many themed segments should have its own specific jewels. She turned to jeweler Eddie Borgo, who outfitted the Angels last year, and in the ten months since, has created almost 450 pieces. Expect to see “every kind of variation, from a stud earring to a very dramatic chandelier earring, from a very simple streamlined choker to a cascading drop necklace,” he told the Cut. “You’ll see rose quartz, carnelian, rock crystal, all different types of agate, hand-faceted crystal, and then other materials like silk.”

While Borgo’s namesake collections can be more somber or monochromatic, “this is about having fun in the jewelry, and much more lighthearted,” he said. “It’s a very upbeat environment, so you’ll see a lot of color and tassels and swinging pieces that move when the girls walk.” 

Still, Neophitou didn’t want anything to feel “too precious or too obvious,” Borgo added, which is why there are details like tiny spiked settings for jewels that you can only see up close. “We had a lot of discussions about how the cameras come in so close to the girls, and in high-definition, so that you’re able to really pick up on a lot of detail,” he added. 

The pieces will all be for sale on Borgo’s website, and while the show tapes in New York on Tuesday, it’ll air on CBS on December 8. Click ahead for a preview, including five-finger rings, tiered cuffs, and plenty of silk tassels. 

Sneak Peek: The Victoria’s Secret Show Jewelry