Taylor Swift Has Flown the Coop

Photo: Christopher Polk/NBC

Back in October when Taylor Swift said she “should” probably take time off because “people might need a break from me,” no one took her too seriously. That was a mistake. After attending the American Music Awards for eight years straight, she skipped the show on Sunday. She was not there to accept her three awards and she was not on social media either. So where in the world did she go?

A baby was reportedly flirting with her on an airplane from L.A. to New Zealand. Fan sighting at the Auckland airport set off a “wild goose chase all over South Auckland.

Local media postulated that she was there to film a music video after a teenager spotted maybe-Tay on a beach. But the woman at Denray Marine Services was of little help; “the nice lady who answered the phone told us there was indeed a single film crew on location but ‘that isn’t unusual … and they’re just finishing up for the day.’ She also admitted she wouldn’t know what Taylor Swift looked like if she was standing in front of her.”

Fraught with worry and desperately wondering, the Guardian was able to confirm that Swift did, in fact, fly to New Zealand to film a music video. But get this: She doesn’t have a return flight booked.

Taylor Swift Has Flown the Coop