Ten Chores We’re Pretty Sure Men Aren’t Doing

“Look I’m taking the trash out, shirtless, to distract you from the fact that I’ve never changed the sheets.” Photo: Image Source/Getty Images

While there is some truth to those claims that husbands and boyfriends do help out with more of the housekeeping duties than they did in previous generations, a recent Pew Survey found that men don’t do nearly as much around the house as they think they do, reports the New York Times. They self-report that they split chores 50-50 with their partners (or are maybe even doing more), but in reality, women are still doing the lion’s share of housework.

Now, some (men) might protest, but after thinking about it — not even hard, just like, a little thinking — this feels so right. In fact, here are ten necessary household chores men are 100 percent not doing, all of which we thought of immediately:

Wiping out the bottom of the oven, even though the burned cheese on the bottom keeps smoking every time it’s used.

Using a toothbrush to scrub the grout from the bathroom tiles.

Removing all lint from the lint trap of the dryer.

Replacing the dead batteries in the remote control and smoke detectors.

Making sure the bottles, tins of cat food, and miscellaneous recyclables are actually, thoroughly rinsed out.

Wiping off underside of the toilet seat.

Dusting. Ever. But especially underneath the bed or sofa or anywhere dust bunnies accumulate and multiply.

Washing out the garbage can when it starts to get smelly.

Cleaning out the kitchen drain.

Disposing of expired condiments and canned goods.

So the next time the man in your life is all “But look,” gesturing to the dustpan or bag of recycling or recently diapered baby or uncorked bottle of wine in his hand like he’s being helpful, don’t be fooled, tis mere illusion. For every one chore he’s accomplished, there are at least 10 more left to do.

Ten Chores We’re Pretty Sure Men Aren’t Doing