Trans Swimwear Coming Soon

Photo: Shestock/Blend Images

If going to the beach is the most fun thing in the world, getting ready is certainly the least. Few find joy in donning a bathing suit. But for trans and gender-nonconforming people, it’s not just about picking out the least bad option. Often, there aren’t any.

Two siblings hope to help solve that issue with the Bareskin Top. In 2016, the sports-bra-like top will become available in a range of skin tones, “allow[ing] nonbinary people to feel comfortable in their bare skin.” Like a binder (which compresses the breast tissue and is worn under a shirt) the Bareskin Top minimizes the appearance of breasts.

“For a while now we’ve been throwing around the idea for a ftm [female to male]/masculine swim top,” the duo explained on their crowd-funding site. “We’ve combined the silhouette of a traditional half binder and compression sports bra to create a comfortable top that binds but still lets you get a tan and feel closer to being shirtless than anything else out there.”

The Bearskin Top in action. Photo: FLAVNT Streetwear
Trans Swimwear Coming Soon