True Love Is Smuggling an Egg McMuffin Into Prison

Mmm. Photo: MIKE BLAKE/Corbis

Look, your boyfriend seems totally nice and all. Cute, maybe a little boring, but he never complains when you want to watch Dash Dolls and that’s not a quality you should easily overlook. But here’s a question: If you ended up in jail, would your boyfriend smuggle a delicious, perfectly spongy McDonald’s Egg McMuffin into prison for you?

Twenty-seven-year-old Karl Jensen did, along with a Kinder egg, a smartwatch, oh, and some drugs and a knife. He got caught, and he and his girlfriend, Lisa Mary Hutchinson, were charged for the crime.

Stories like these really make you think about what’s important in life, you know? Like, you got over your boyfriend’s obsession with his Supreme hat, but can you get over the fact that, when it really comes down to it, he just might not be the kind of man to smuggle you Egg McMuffins? 

True Love: Smuggling an Egg McMuffin Into Prison