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Here Are the U.S. Cities With the Best and Worst Pay Equality

Photo: 167/Greg Dale/Corbis

A new report from PayScale proves that we’re much closer to achieving women’s pay equality in some cities than we are in others. The company crunched the numbers for some of the nation’s largest cities and found that whether you’re earning as much as your male co-workers depends a lot on where you live.

Baltimore was actually the city that’s the closest to achieving pay equality; on average, women there get paid only 0.6 percent less than men. The women of St. Louis fared far worse: The city has the biggest gender wage gap, with women making 4.3 percent less than men. Here’s the full list, from best to worst:

Baltimore, MD: 0.6 percent

Tampa, FL: 1.2 percent

Minneapolis, MN: 1.3 percent

Los Angeles, CA: 1.5 percent

Washington, D.C.: 1.6 percent

Miami, FL: 1.7 percent

Philadelphia, PA: 1.8 percent

San Diego, CA: 1.9 percent

New York, NY: 2.2 percent

Boston, MA: 2.2 percent

Phoenix, AZ: 2.2 percent

Riverside, CA: 2.6 percent

San Francisco, CA: 2.7 percent

Dallas, TX: 2.8 percent

Atlanta, GA: 2.9 percent

Chicago, IL: 3.3 percent

Houston, TX: 3.7 percent

Seattle, WA: 3.7 percent

Detroit, MI: 3.8 percent

St. Louis, MO: 4.3 percent

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