The Definitive Christmas-Candle Smackdown

Photo: Zhe Zhu

Sometimes your holiday is less than idyllic despite your best attempts. Your Christmas flight is delayed, so you spend several hours at Sbarro instead of at home. (Hey, you might not be near your family, but at least you’re near some baked ziti.) Or you want a Christmas tree, but not even the hot lumberjacks can inspire you to actually lug one home. Or you want a holiday out of a Bing Crosby movie, but your parents say you’re “too old” and don’t want to put up a Christmas tree at all.

No matter how bad it gets, at least your holiday can smell like the one in your fantasies. The Cut smelled dozens of candles for you, until our nostrils burned, in order to pick out our ten most Christmasy favorites. Whether your dream holiday takes place in Paris, involves a vape, or conjures up Taylor Swift, click through the slideshow to find out how to get it in candle form.