Bill, You Might Be First Husband Someday. Time to Step It Up.

Bill Clinton Photo: Splash News

Bill Clinton is many things, but a slick Justin Trudeau type — or even Barack “Does This Tan Suit Make Me Look Cool?” Obama — he is not. Yesterday, the Big Dog strolled in New York with Hillary and Chelsea wearing a reject from the Top Gun wardrobe department — one that he has apparently been contemplating buying for a year-plus — and Ben Franklin–esque bifocals. (The better to scan those almond-milk labels with.)

We know Bill does not exactly like to be relegated to the background, and when your stylish spouse is outshining you in the earth-mother garb the Huffington Post calls her “coat of many colors,” it’s time to channel your inner Pitti Uomo peacock. Here, five modest sartorial proposals for the aspiring First Guy.

Future First Husband Needs to Step It Up