Broad City’s Globes Are Golden Enough Already, Thanks

No sweat off our backs.
No sweat off our backs. Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Comedy Central/2015 Getty Images

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced their nominees for the Golden Globes this morning, and while many of our favorites were recognized (Viola Davis for How to Get Away With Murder, Gina Rodriguez in Jane the Virgin), two broads were noticeably absent from the list of nominations. What about Abbi and Ilana? Nothing for Broad City? After all they’ve done for us lovable female stoners?

The lack of acknowledgment from the HFPA didn’t bother our close personal friends, though. On Instagram, the pals showed us that they already have not just one Golden Globe but four! Well, would you look at that.

Broad City’s Globes Are Golden Enough Already