These Hockey Players Being Showered With Teddy Bears Will Get You Through Today

You! Photo: Larry MacDougal/AP

It’s only Tuesday, which means there are four more days for everything to go wrong before the weekend. What are you going to do besides pray for salvation and liberally sprinkle cinnamon over burnt coffee? Hey, cheer up. Why not watch this hockey team get pelted by thousands of teddy bears?

As is their yearly tradition, the Calgary Hitmen (a junior ice-hockey team in Canada’s WHL) collected teddy bears to donate to charity by having fans throw them onto the ice for the Teddy Bear Toss. This year, the Hitmen collected a record-breaking 28,815 bears. Imagine the teddy bears are your worries and you are the hockey team. Doesn’t seem so bad after all, does it?

Hockey Players Showered by Raining Teddy Bears