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A Classic Sheet Set for Serious Sleeping

Photo: Courtesy of the Vendor

Every Monday at the Cut, we’re highlighting one great purchase that won’t take up your whole paycheck. If you’re looking for a splurge instead, check back every Friday for an item that’s worth eating ramen noodles for the rest of eternity.

It’s the Monday morning after a holiday week, so you’re probably already dreaming about getting back into bed. Why not outfit your fantasy sleep nest in Brooklinen’s luxe sheets? The set’s classic crisp stripes will make your bedroom feel like it’s part of a Cape Cod resort, while the sateen weave Egyptian cotton will ensure cozy hibernation for hours to come. Best of all, they’re $149, so they don’t have to be just a dream.

Brooklinen Luxe Core Set in Bedford Smoke Stripe, $149 at Brooklinen.

Cheap Thrill: A Classic Sheet Set