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Ahhhh, Please Don’t Wear Dead Fish As Makeup, Ahhhh!

Help! Photo: Jeffrey Coolidge

In August we told you of a potent trend brewing: the triumphant return of the mermaid. Millennials had felt the pangs of Disney nostalgia (witness the Hipster Ariel meme), and mermaids (after vampires and basic girls) were poised to dominate fashion. But remember: A trend should not necessitate animal cruelty or looking like a doofus. Leave the actual fish out of it.

Paper Magazine reports that a Russian makeup artist named Elya Bulochka uploaded a few Instagrams this week of dead fish plastered on models’ faces; evidently, she was pursuing the mermaid trend through makeup. After Bulochka posted a since-deleted Instagram where she held a bag of dead fish with the caption “Guess what I’m going to be wearing today?” she received backlash from commenters pointing out that “ANIMALS ARE NOT THINGS.” 

Animal cruelty aside, this looks gross, so please stop. Ahhhhhh!

Ahhh, Please Don’t Wear Dead Fish As Makeup!