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Don’t Use Rape to Advertise Your Black Friday Sale

The ad in question
The ad in question Photo:

Thanks to a terrible landing page advertising its Black Friday sales, one Singapore retailer is now learning the hard way that it’s gross as hell to use words associated with sexual assault to sell your cheap crap.

SuperGurl, which sells discounted women’s apparel, decided to get attention for its sales by putting a big pink “RAPE US NOW” button next to a photo of a young woman with her hands above her head. Predictably, this did not go over very well.

The brand’s creative director Jordus Lim decided to do what you always do in situations like these: He blamed an underling. This time, in a refreshing change of course, it was a graphic designer and not a social-media intern.

“I have failed to review my Graphic Designer’s work before approving the image to be displayed on our site,” Lim wrote in an apology posted to Facebook. “I hereby acknowledge that we have made a mistake, and that our caption does not advocate the right values to the young women community today.”

Don’t Use Rape to Advertise a Black Friday Sale