Find Out What a Giant Loser Facebook Thinks You Are

Photo: Tim Robberts/Getty Images

As it turns out, Facebook has a hidden list of things it thinks you’re into, and that list is probably super embarrassing.

Facebook uses an algorithm determined by your profile information, stories you share, and links you click on to serve you ads based on your interests. It also keeps a running tally of the general topics it thinks you like hidden deep within your settings. Strangely, the topics it’s sorted into are … super specific.

Some interests Facebook thinks various members of the Cut staff possess: Wyclef Jean, driver’s licenses, man, technology late adopter, away from family, homestead survival, barley, 100 meters at the Olympics, merman, communes of France, black churches, and Wawa.

Have fun spending your Friday night messing with your interests to try to convince Facebook you’re not a giant loser.

Find Out What a Loser Facebook Thinks You Are