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This New Hangover Clinic Has One Fatal Flaw

Photo: Mark Douet/Getty Images

As long as we have both alcohol and a free market, there will be people who drink too much and other people who try to sell them remedies the next day. In recent years, IV fluids have become a trendy treatment, with practitioners of undetermined repute offering hydration on demand at your home, office, or hotel. One service offers a complimentary shuttle to a clinic in Vegas (though partiers can be treated on the bus if they prefer).

And now Australia’s first Hangover Clinic, located in the Sydney suburb of Surrey Hills, will offer the standard vitamin-infused IV drip for $140 AUS, plus oxygen therapy for an upcharge — but only if you get your woozy, sweaty ass to their office under your own power. They’re billing this as an innovation, but if you’re going to make the effort to transport yourself anywhere, it may as well be to the local diner, where you can heal yourself with a cheap plate of bacon and eggs, plus all the coffee you can drink.