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Here Are Some Last-Minute Celeb Photos to Text to Your Friends in Lieu of Gifts

You got this.
You got this. Photo: gotpap/�

I know what you’re thinking: Tomorrow is Christmas and you haven’t bought a thing for your soon-to-be-renamed squad, your group-text friends, or even that one Twitter DM you’ve been meaning to meet up with for a hot toddy. That’s okay. You’re not alone. Luckily, around the holiday season, celebrities are out and about buying gifts for their loved ones, just as we would if we weren’t addicted to one-click online shopping and also had bottomless bank accounts and personal shoppers. Us broke people, we throw down some dosh for our immediate families and leave our friends wanting.

But everyone loves a good pic of a celebrity. Find me a person who doesn’t love a pic of a celebrity and I’ll point you to a liar. When you’re feeling bad about your lack of present-giving, here are some of the best celeb snaps of the week to send over to your pals, complete with appropriate holiday greetings to caption them. Don’t say we never did anything for you.

Photo: Splash News/© Corbis. All Rights Reserved.

What you think you look like wearing all the new clothes you bought yourself for Christmas.

Photo: Rick Mendoza / Splash News/©

You after buying some crap your dumb brother asked you to buy but you have no idea what it is.

Photo: �

Our look on New Year’s Day. And the day after. And probably every day after that, too.

Photo: �

When you walk into your family’s house for the first time this holiday season and your entire fam is like, “Damn, she’s a goddess.”

Photo: ©

When you’re at the high-school Christmas reunion at the local dive but you don’t recognize literally anyone.

Photo: 2015 Albert L. Ortega

When Grandmom and Pop-Pop try to take a selfie with their new iPhones.

Photo: 2015 Lilly Lawrence

When your sister’s creepy boyfriend gives you a gift you don’t want and then insists on putting it on you.

Photo: ©

What we’re definitely gonna look like after our first workout of the year in 2016.

Photo: EVGA, FAFL, TYJA/Copyright © 2014 AKM-GSI, Inc.

When you wear all the clothes your mom bought you for Christmas at once because you feel bad returning them.

Last-Minute Celeb Pics to Text in Lieu of Gifts