i'd still smash

Hot Shirtless Man Runs Out of Your Dreams and Into Local-News Broadcast

Call me.
Call me. Photo: WGN Chicago

While the weather reporter for Chicago’s WGN TV was filming Sunday’s segment about the dreary weather, somewhere on the horizon the clouds parted and a comically muscled bearded man dripping with sweat and rainwater emerged, a viral savior in an otherwise boring newscast. Marked with questionable-looking tattoos and boasting a body that probably doesn’t align well with your “eating cookies in bed” lifestyle, he appeared on-camera to sing the praises of running in the rain, and to remind viewers he’s single.

So this just happened. Enjoying the weather, are you, "Ethan"?

Posted by WGN TV on Sunday, December 13, 2015

The internet quickly determined that the shirtless jogger is Ethan Renoe, an “author/photographer/personal trainer/nanny” who has his own blog where he writes stuff like, “With regard to pornography specifically, I lost sight of how love is meant to be reciprocated, not absorbed.” Eh, I’d still smash.

Shirtless Man Runs Out of Your Dreams, Onto TV