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This Cat Desperately Wrangling With a Santa Hat Personifies the Holiday Season

Where's the hat?
Where’s the hat?

With only three days until Christmas, many things still need to be done: The presents need to be purchased (whoops), they need to be wrapped, the cookies need to be baked, the nails need to be painted a bright festive color, the high-school friends whom we’ve scorned need to be revisited at the local dive. But every year, there is not enough time and not enough mental capacity to deal with it all.

Murphy, the orange tabby cat unceremoniously topped with a tiny Santa hat, is aware of the struggle. The sooner we make it through to January 2, the quicker we can restore our sanity. Christmas spirit? Please, get this thing off of me.

Orange Tabby Cat Can't Shake Off His Santa Hat

Murphy the orange tabby cat has unexpectedly been introduced to the Christmas spirit- and he just can't seem to shake it off.! No matter how fast or how many times he twists around, he just can't seem to get rid of the lovely feeling of the Christmas season.

Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos on Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Floundering Cat Unable to Locate Holiday Spirit