Let’s Try to One-up Kesha’s New Band Name

Kesha. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

You may have heard that Kesha, who is still in the midst of negotiations to get out of her contract with producer Dr. Luke for another album, decided to do a surprise gig last night in Nashville with her new band. If you were in Nashville and caught the set replete with Zeppelin covers, that’s great and you are lucky. But for those of us who must only observe Instagram snippets from afar, the better joy was in learning the name of the classic rock-inflected group: Yeast Infection.

Like the Cramps and Perfect Pussy before them, women’s reproductive systems and the woes that they cause are ripe for use as names in rock-and-roll bands. Thinking of starting your own punk outfit dedicated to your female-identifying body parts, cavities, and systems? Want to let people know you’re not afraid of the secretions and mysteries that swirl around your body? Here’s a few you can use for free:

Total Titties
Fallopian Noobs
The Band Parenthood
The Women of the Womb
Major Labia
Weird Juices
When Should I Get a Mammogram?
Breast Milk
Mucus Plug
The Body Is Only a Vessel