Kylie Jenner’s Bare Butt Makes an Appearance in ​​Interview

“I’m not myself on Snapchat or Instagram.” Photo: Steven Klein/Interview

Interview magazine​’s latest cover story exhibits the many sides of Kylie Jenner: “sex-doll sanguine” makeup hater (seriously!) and lover of the outdoors. “I’m not myself on Snapchat or Instagram,” she admits. “People want to see my cars and my purses. People love fashion. But that’s so not me.”

So who is the real Kylie, away from her 40 million-plus followers? One day, the 18-year-old imagines, she’ll have a successful makeup line, among other ventures, and “just be, like, a businesswoman.” And then she’ll disappear and become … Annie Oakley? “When I’m, like, 30, I want to go off the map, have a family, and live in Malibu with a farm, and just raise my own chickens. My next goal for 2016 is to learn how to garden.”

She likes hiking, too: “I used to do a lot of hiking when I wasn’t as busy. I had a lot of anxiety when I was younger, so I would just run to this hill path in the back of my mom’s house and listen to Jack Johnson.”

In the Q&A, Jenner also discusses her new lipstick line, the #IAmMoreThan anti-bullying campaign, the time Lady Gaga allayed her internet insecurities, and gratitude for her family. And college? Not so much: “I have done everything to prepare for college, so if I wanted to in the future, I could go at any time. But I’m not planning on going anytime soon. [voice heard in the background] Kim just said, ‘Good girl!’”

Click ahead to see surreal photographs by Steven Klein, including one shot that slightly alludes to Kim’s Paper magazine bravura. The images appear in Interview magazine​’s December-January double art issue.

Photo: Steven Klein/Interview
Kylie Jenner’s Bare Butt Appears in Interview