Lady Gaga Lives the Dream of the World’s 5-Year-Olds, Gets Pony for Christmas

I got a horse.
I got a horse. Photo: Splash News/Corbis

The cliché goes that every 5-year-old girl in America asks for a pony for Christmas. Why not? Horses are strong, lovable animals, and equestrianism is a challenging sport partaken in by Bruce Springsteen’s daughter and Michelle Payne, a jockey who told sexists to “get stuffed.” Who wouldn’t want a horse, is the real question. Not Lady Gaga, who was given the gift of every 5-year-old’s dreams this week by her label friends at Interscope. Mom, it’s so unfair!!!

The light-gray horse, whose name has yet to be revealed, allegedly arrived on her doorstep on Monday and Gaga can already tell she’s a “spiritual girl.” She even came with a pink halter, lead rope, and bow, just like we imagined when we wrote our Christmas lists so many years ago.

Merry Christmas, Gaga. You earned it. (And so did we.)


Um, Lady Gaga Got a Pony for Xmas and We Didn’t?