This Calendar Is for Anyone Who Feels the Bern

Do you feel the Bern?
Do you feel the Bern? Photo:

Let’s say you’re the kind of person who needs to sexualize the person they want running their country. Not sure that kind of person should be voting, but hey, we’re all special in our own ways. What’s a voter to do, though, when Bernie Sanders is your guy? Are you really up for getting randy for a rowdy grandfather with foofy hair? Can you envision the downgrade in sex dreams after Obama leaves office? That’s where Men Who Bern 2016 comes in.

We’ve already told you in great detail about all the New York City beefcake calendars you can paper your walls with, and the only calendar you need to keep on top of your reproductive systembut this Men Who Bern calendar is for the person who is both organized and committed to his or her civic duties. Stocked with hot men who aren’t afraid to be called socialists and peppered with slogans about political revolution, it makes every month in the 2016 campaign year a horny one. Proceeds from Men Who Bern will go to grassroots Bernie Sanders activities in New York.

Now that’s sexualizing you can feel good about.