Miranda Kerr Possesses Abilities We May Never Fully Understand

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The event that transforms a human into a superhuman can vary from case to case. For Spider-Man, it was a spider thing. For Captain America, it was America. For Superman: not sure. What each superhuman has in common, however, is the ability to defy a standard limitation of humanity; the ability to expand our perception; the ability to, at the very least, do something faster than normal. Miranda Kerr has that, too.

A Page Six tipster recently spotted Kerr at Seoul’s Incheon Airport, where she looked “pretty, but natural, wearing tight pants, long-sleeved top and Lanvin flats.” What happened next will shock you:

Sometime between baggage claim and the time that she had to exit the area, she totally changed outfits and emerged as this sexpot — wearing a cutout dress, aviators, a long coat and 4-inch heels, looking like a total stunner for waiting cameras.

Incredible. Pretty to sexpot. Lanvin flats to 4-inch heels. Within the realm of human perception to outside that of even our wildest and most fashionable dreams. What event led to Miranda Kerr’s transformation into Miranda Kerr, woman who possesses the ability to change her physical form at will, hoodwinking onlookers and outwitting even her most dexterous foe?

As with the full extent of her abilities, we may never know.

Miranda Kerr: Superhuman?