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My Manservant Conr Wrote This Post for Me

Listening attentively
Listening attentively

As the holidays approach I’ve been feeling less and less like blogging. So I decided in order to best serve the “Cut” readers the most obvious option was having a professional Manservant do my job for me. Meet Conr, my Manservant for several hours, sent as a corporate holiday gift. Conr is Fashion & landscape photographer from Kalamazoo, MI (whose parents spelled his name wrong… on purpose). His favorite photographer is Anne Geddes. Actually its Ansel Adams, but the lovely Jessica thought it would be funny to say Anne Geddes.

Jessica is so undeniably beautiful and smart, it tends to overwhelm everyone. currently she is sitting behind me cleverly dictating this post as she pages through one of her many smart person books.

I’ve just sent a tweet for Jessica so that her many adoring fans will know about her latest adorably relatable hi-jinx

I am currently being dispatched to retrieve some very necessary brain food, via dunkin donuts. please do not bother the beautiful Jessica in the meantime, as I will be back shortly.