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Okay This Is Just Way Too Many Presents

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! Photo: Thebossmum

After catching the first glimpse of the tree on Christmas day, a child might feel thankful that Santa has blessed her with so many toys. She’s probably not afraid a poorly wrapped Tickle Me Elmo might dislodge at random, sparking an avalanche of gifts tumbling at such momentum it could kill the family dog. She doesn’t marvel at the absurd gusto with which her mother has gone so obviously overboard. She isn’t terrified that it all will go viral. Ah, but she isn’t part of the Tapping family.

British blogger Emma Tapping drew heat this week for maybe kind of overdoing it with the Christmas presents, slightly, just a little bit. The mother of three posted a photo on Instagram of her tree piled high — like, really high — with gifts, immediately catching the attention of detractors who thought some of those presents could’ve found a better home.

Tapping argued that they’re not all for her three kids; there are also some in there for her, her husband, and her parents, duh.

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