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Fashion’s Most Famous Makeup Artist Wants You to Misbehave

Photo: Maxime Poiblanc

Fashion’s most famous makeup artist, Pat McGrath, is officially launching a “wicked” makeup collection. Separate from her partnership with Cover Girl, for which she serves as global creative director, McGrath is releasing Phantom 002, her second makeup line, with eight new pieces “designed to provoke bad behavior.” Among the new items is an even more intense update to her first release, Gold 001, and Black 002, an inky-black eye gloss that resembles an oil slick (and might be the secret to finally achieving that greasy Rihanna eye).

In addition, the collection also includes Copper 002 pigment, Fuchsia 002 eye blush, Blue 002 pigment, Black Caviar gel liner, Blender brush 002, and Flat brush 002. Only 1,200 pieces are available for sale and it all drops at 12 p.m. on Tuesday, December 15.

Only 1200 of these bags available. Photo: Maxime Poiblanc
The textures of Phantom 002. Photo: Maxime Poiblanc
Pat McGrath Wants You to Misbehave With Makeup