Rihanna Announced Her NYFW Show in the Most Rihanna Way Possible

Rihanna at New York Fashion Week
Rihanna at New York Fashion Week Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

The Kanye approach — Kremlin-level secrecy followed by a surprise announcement of a fashion show — is not for Rihanna, it seems. But she would never do anything as boring and standard as issue a press release announcing that she’s taking to the runway, either. Instead, the star and Puma creative director tossed off a tweet earlier today with a link to her Diamond Ball charitable auction. One of the items on the block? Two tickets to “the premier Puma by Rihanna AW16 fashion show.”

According to the listing, the show is February 12, 2016, at 8 p.m.; no location is included. As is to be expected, people mostly responded by asking when she’s going to be releasing ANTI already.

Rihanna Announced She’s Showing at NYFW