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Salon’s ‘Quiet Chair’ Relieves You of Unthinkable Burden of Speaking to Fellow Human

Photo: Atli Mar Hafsteinsson

On the long list of Things to Fear When Going to the Hair Salon, “having to make small talk with your stylist” falls somewhere between “leaving looking like 2009-era Britney Spears” and “confronting the vast emptiness of your soul after staring at your own reflection for an hour.” Now a new salon in the U.K. has created a “quiet chair” for the socially anxious among us.

South Wales’s Bauhaus salon now allows clients to book a quiet chair at each of its two locations, guaranteeing them a haircut free of the unthinkable burden of interacting with a fellow human. Finally liberated from the struggle to come up with a way to explain your weird internet job, you can now focus on what’s really important at the salon: coming to terms with just how startlingly unattractive you look with wet hair.

Salon’s ‘Quiet Chair’ Relieves You of Small Talk