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Like You, Sarah McLachlan Can’t Watch Those Sad ASPCA Commercials

Don't look.
Don’t look. Photo: Janet Mayer / Splash News

Next to commercials that show you, up close, exactly what different skin conditions look like and those in which anthropomorphic toes peel back the toenail on a human foot to show you the fungus underneath, Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”-scored ASPCA commercials are without a doubt the most difficult ads to watch on television. Sarah McLachlan agrees.

In an interview with Makers, McLachlan admits that even though she is a primary figure in the devastating sad-dog-face commercials, and even though some know her simply as “that dog lady” because of them (nice), she cannot bring herself to watch them.

The sad dog faces. The sad kitty. The heartbroken and helpless little sweeties pleading with you wordlessly — indeed, the only way they know how — to donate and save their lives, while Sarah McLachlan’s melancholy angel groove plays on. She explains in the interview:

“I can’t watch them. It just kills me.”

Man. Me neither, and me, too.

Sarah McLachlan Can’t Watch Her ASPCA Commercial