Malia and Sasha Want Money and Mac and Cheese for Christmas

Good choice, ladies.
Good choice, ladies. Photo: Getty Images

You may think you know what to get the teens in your life for Christmas, but you’d be wrong. Unless it’s a puppy or the Kylie Jenner lip kit, they’re going to hate whatever thoughtful present you pick out simply because they’re teens. The Obamas know this all too well, which is why they’ve decided to give Sasha and Malia what they really want for Christmas.

“It will be some version of [money],” Michelle Obama said of her daughters’ wish list. “They don’t want me to waste my energy picking out stuff they don’t want. So they’d rather just have the money.” The Obama girls have also demanded mac and cheese as their Christmas meal, because they have impeccable taste.

Malia and Sasha Want Mac and Cheese for Xmas