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Serena Williams Shuts Down the Whiny Horse Lovers

Serena Williams.
Serena Williams. Photo: Efren S. Landaos/Corbis

On Tuesday night, Serena Williams accepted the title of Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the Year. Dressed in an amazing sheer black gown and sporting her signature look (arms so toned that it hurts to even look at them), Williams addressed the audience by thanking her family, doling out positive affirmations, and also acknowledging that she has no interest in being belittled as an athlete through comparisons to a dang horse.

“I’ve had my shares of ups and downs. I’ve had many struggles. I’ve had blood clots in both my lungs at the same time, and I’ve lived through tragedies and controversies and … horses,” the athlete said, which brought in lots of laughter from the audience. “I had to say it! Basically, I’ve been through it all … um, I’m also a part-time comedian.”

Williams then quoted several lines from “Still I Rise” by her favorite poet, Maya Angelou, thanking Sports Illustrated for giving her a “chance to rise.”

Serena Williams Shuts Down the Whiners